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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

GoldMic - It's been a long time

This is a verse I wrote on! I hope you enjoy it:

It's been a long time

It's been a long time, this ain't no Rakim remix
just read this, bounce ya head if you feel this
Goldmic... now for real, you know I blessed it
And the heat, ya fo' sho, you know I pack it
I got the verbal AK, my words are bullet donations
penetrating, more impacting, fake niggas be crying
Like in charm, I scry them, Like i got a radar
pinpointing the weakness in their lyrics, they ain't getting far
I'm a rising, shining star, they won't need no sunglasses
'cause my shine is so deep, it penetrates their sunglasses
They fall down on their asses, I charge like a rhino
Stampede'em with punchlines, no wonder they fall low
No glory like Han Solo, all their life they remained Solo
They tried their best, but even their bitches don't follow
Them nowhere, rather they'd love to follow me
'cause the world knows better to follow the Onyx G-O-D.

Yup... That's a good comeback start...!

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