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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Life that should've been...

How would you want life to be like? I'm sure someone already asked you this question, or maybe you might have asked yourself this question during the course of your life. Let's face it, you are born either rich or poor without truly knowing why you are rich or why you are poor. Either ways, you can truly feel miserable.

As a rich person, you have excessive responsibilities which are more or less connected to your status as a rich person and the people surrounding you, like government officials, celebrities, kings and queens, presidents and prime ministers, businessmen like CEOs and so on. You have to do photo shoots, interviews, press conferences, and much, much more. You live your life at a very high pace, non-stop. That's your life.

As a poor person, you have to struggle all the way to feed your family, or else you might find yourself roaming the alleys in search of foods in dumpsters. You work 9am to 5pm trying to get that money, and since your income is very low, you do other jobs on the side. You bitch at rich people because you say they have it easy. You feel miserable when you arrive home and there's absolutely nothing to eat. That's your life.

In both cases, we can observe that they both [rich and poor] are miserable. Not all rich people are that miserable though and are able to live a well-balanced life, and so is the same with poor people. But there are some rich/poor people who feel that this life isn't what was meant to be.

Let me ask you this; How would you know if your life was seriously meant to be this way? When you were born, whether rich or poor, you had no real conscience of your surrounding. You live a carefree life without having to think about the problems our planet is facing as of right now. But as you grew older, you came to realise that there's a line that separates people of high and low status.

And what is that line? Money, of course. With money, you can do many things, and without it, you cannot do a single thing. It is the trigger of your life. The more of it [money] you have, the more lively you feel, yet the more miserable you can also be, if not well-balanced. And if the less of it you have, then the more you'll feel aggressive, resenting those who have more, and so you have to work twice if not thrice as much as you used to.

Now here's a good question for you: what would happen if there weren't any more money... what would you do then?

And ironically enough... this is like the 10 million$ question!

One thing is for sure though; without money, every single human being on Earth would be EQUAL (put aside the gender fact). We would become more inclined into helping one and others with the ideas that one could share to another and vice versa, without having to worry about copyrights, or payments for services and what not.

I have a confession to make. I never truly trusted what was written in The Bible, let alone, I've always doubt there was a Super Powerful God in the universe. But when I was young, I'd had always thought that the air that we breathe was the Breath of Life, the power of this mystery god coursing through our veins. I've read many books about Prana, and Chakra, and Ch'i and Orgone and and Tao and Energy and Oxygen, and the list would go on and on, and all pointed to the same thing: That all these are what enables us live.

I'm pretty sure now that our untapped potential as human beings will still remain untapped because of the mass destruction we have imposed to our world, mostly to the air we breath.

The life that should've been won't exist for us unless we do something to make sure that every single human being is able to live equally with the rest of the world. Because just imagine this, if ever we were to explore the universe, it won't be possible to do even with all the technology that we possess as of right now.

We may be strong technologically, but we are most definitely weak spiritually and psychologically. We still live with the principle of "The Strong Will Survive", but what is hard for us to grasp is that like Goku or Vegeta in Dragonball Z, you can train and train and train in order to become stronger than any body, there will always be someone stronger than you.

So instead of fighting to know who's stronger and who will survive, why not just all work together to make of this Earth the home that was supposed to be for all of us humans? Is it that much difficult to put down weapons and just be lovers, and friends, discuss and debate without having to start a war, and simply just live in peace?

There are chances that I won't live to see this happen, but when it does happen or... when it will happen, you will most definitaly know that your passage on Earth was your training to become a better man, a better woman and a better child.

But for now, for as long as this world still continues to follow the path of destruction, there will be no peace.

Oh yeah... by the way, just as a side note, as human beings on Earth, we are all connected. Whatever you do now within the moment you are reading this post will affect you and the people surrounding you, and the people surrounding the people surrounding you. We are all connected. So:

To steal from someone else is to steal from oneself...
To kill someone else is to kill oneself...
To disrespect others is to disrespect oneself...
Everything you do to others will affect you as well.
That is why when it is said that what goes around, comes around, it simply means that whatever the things you do onto others will come back to haunt you.
This is Karma. You cannot avoid it for it is connected with the Yin and the Yang.

If you do not understand, it is because your level of empathy is low. Fear is managing your life, and if we, as human beings on Earth, do not know how to discard this fear, then this untapped potential of ours will remain untapped.

Fear is to your mind, body and soul what an atomic bomb is to a country... A DESTROYER OF LIFE.

To not fear, to be aware of the good things that we have in life is probably the first step to becoming better people on this planet of OURS. But to unleash this potential, we must do it in a very POSITIVE way... not in the way that we live in right now.

That's it for now. I hope this was as much an eye-opener for you than it was for me.

Before I conclude, I urge everyone to go see the movie I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, which premieres this Friday December 14th 2007. Go see this movie and think about what was written in this post.

Here's the trailer:


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