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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Loss of Memory

Yesterday, after coming home from work, I went to a bar with one of my homies. At first, I ordered beer and so everything went well, but it was until I ordered wine that things started to get funny.

You see, I'm able to withstand large amounts of alcohol, that is to say beer to rhum to vodka to whisky to brandy. But wine, it's more like piercing through my brain with 5000 jackhammers, and once this is done, I start to have frequent lapses of memory aka memory loss.

Like for example, this morning, I woke up thinking that it was already the weekend, and I was about to sleep until noon... and I start working at 8am. Then, still this morning, after arriving at my workplace, I forgot to punch-in. Yeaaa, no dough today!! Yeah, right!!

I guess that I must feel a bit depress or something like that, to have to drink that much wine and not even remember what I did the day before. Ah, well... the effects are gonna wear off soon enough. Still, it's gonna take a bit more longer than usual, since I'm at work now, and the customers aren't gonna leave me alone for awhile.


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