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Monday, 10 December 2007

Stop fronting girl!!

Ok! How many of you guys truly don't like it when a girl displays all the signs of wanting to hook up with you, even to the point of inviting you to her crib so that you can sleep with her, and yet at the end... nothing happens?

It happened to a friend of mine who's name will remain anonymous for the purpose of the rant. Although he could've done it himself, I mean, in his own blog, but since this happened to me also a long time ago, I felt it would do him, me and any other guys who were in this situation justice.

Check it out, this is a straight to your face message to all the girls who just don't understand what a guy wants from a girl. If you invite a guy to your crib with the intention of having this guys spend the night at your crib, you better expect it that the guy will want to have fun during the same night. And by fun, I'm not talking about playing video games or watching tv from dusk 'til dawn.

The guy wants to stick it into you and make you fly to cloud nine. In other words, he wants to f**k you. So to the girls out there, here's a very good advice; if you're not ready to have a guys ding-a-ling stuck inside your nookie for the night, DON'T F***ING INVITE HIM TO YOUR CRIB!! It can be very frustrating for a guy to go through the process of seducing you to the point of the girl melting for him, and next thing you know, the girl leaves him hanging with trivial excuses like "I have a headache" or "it's my time of the month".

No you don't have a headache!! And why the hell would you invite me to your crib if it's your time of the month? You're just trying to play with his mind, and at the end, you [the girl] would end up with a guy so frustrated that he would either ressent you for the rest of your life, needless to say that if you were good friends before becoming lovers, this could have a serious grunge-like impact, or you [the girl] would find the guy in the news for attempted rape or some stupid sh*t like that. Some guys would go so much out the boundaries that they would litteraly slap the girl for disrespect (I'm still trying to figure out the respect part after hitting the girl).

Me, it's simple. There are more 6.5 billions people on Earth, and from what it is said, the majority are women. Lose one, gain ten. That's it. So if for some reason, you [the girl] decide to invite me to your crib to have some fun, be prepared to get undressed, because you just won't sleep on that night. If ever there was a slight chance that you'd wanna go to sleep after inviting a man to your crib, STOP FRONTING GIRL and say to the guy that you're tired and you wanna go to sleep, and that maybe later you can check him out the next day. It's not that difficult.

Just as a side-note by the way; GUYS WON'T LOVE YOU ON THE FIRST DAY THEY SEE YOU!! They'll be attracted to you, they'll ask you questions to get to know you. So girls, don't put limits to their advances... listen to what they have to say.

If you like, it's all good, if you don't, say it straight you are not interested. But my suggestion, don't draw any conclusion on the first day. Whether the guy looks like Denzel or like a hobo, listen to what he has to offer, because you never know when this guy might be you next husband and sh*t.

I grow tired of you superficial stereotyped girls who only see a guy for what's on the outside without even consodeirng what's on the inside. A Caramilk looks nice on the outside, but it's the caramel on the inside that makes the Caramilk the next best thing after sex.

And again, by the way, SEX IS FOR A GUY WHAT LOVE IS FOR A GIRL. Strip away that sex off the guy, and trust me girl... You'll end up lonely asking yourself why all the guys acts like pimps all the f***ing time. Love doesn't arise automatically for a guy... it takes time. Why? Because we are brutes of nature. We act upon strategic instinct most of the time. A guy will always show his love through positive physical actions. If you didn't get that now, what you gonna do when he comes home from work tired and wants to relax? If you leave him hanging there, he's gonna be so pissed at you that the record of filing for divorce will be breach by a nano-second.

I mean come on!! Stop Fronting Girls! I know we ain't perfect, but at least show us that we can perfect ourselves for you. Or else, we'll just keep continuing what we do best... pimp your sorry asses, make sure y'all walk "SS" like soldiers under command, manage your dough and sh*t, slap you when we're not satisfied of what you're doing, and so on.


I guess it's all out of my chest now!


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