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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

UCash - Turn your links into cash

Here's a very innovative website that might interest a lot of bloggers and social-bookmarkers all across the World Wide Web.

This morning I received an email from [a look alike that gives you the possibility to earn money (using Google Adsense) when uploading not only videos, but also pictures as well as write your own blog] saying that they've created a new website that'll enable you to earn money only by creating URL links, Social Bookmarks and Email links.

Enter UCash! With UCash, you can turn your links into cash all in very easy steps. But don't get confused. UCash is not a way to become a millionaire, but it gives you the option to have extra money, and with the easy system of creating links based on your own personal links, you just can't go wrong.

It's like using Tinyurl, but you get paid for the new links you've generated.

Click the links below to see what I'm talking about:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

TR/Vundo.DWK - Nobody ever seen this before?

I truly don't know why the f*ck there are people who create virus... I really don't see the point in doing that. If it's only to sell more anti-viruses, then that probably the most stupid move a company could do. On the other hand, if it's not a company doing it but an acne-filled-face motherf*cker who just got to much time in his hand and decide to create a virus just for the f*cking fun of it... then trust me that this is plain pathetic.

The story...

I got home after a hard day of work, and as always, I go on my computer to produce some beats, 'cause it relieves a lot of stress [making beats]. As soon as I open my PC, there's a message from my anti-virus [Avira's AntiVir] that appears saying that there this trojan horse, TR/Vundo.DWK, and that it needs to be deleted.

Ok! No problem! The anti-virus gives me the option to:

Move to Quarantine
Access Denied
and another one I just can't rememeber (I'm at work right now, so bare with me).

So I go for the easiest option, Delete... and since it's a trojan, for sure I ain't gonna move it to quarantine. For me that pointless! Yet, as soon as I finished pressing Delete... the same message reappears over, and over, and over, and over... non-stop, until I get pissed the f*ck off.

So at that point, I start asking myself "Why the hell do you create an anti-Virus if the anti-virus doesn't eradicate the virus?".

So I start searching the web [at my own risk] to know what is this TR/Vundo.DWK, and surprisingly enough, I found a lot of TR/Vundo variants [with lots and lots of different fixes], but not the one I'm looking for.

GREAT!!! >:(

Now I'm more than just pissed... I'm about to destroy my PC, because of a f*cking cunt who has nothing to do in his life decided to infect the world.

Way to go, chump!! Need a f*cking medal?!

Next, as I search for a solution for my problem, I found this application called Prevx. It was my savior for a moment when it found all the viruses until [after it gave me the option to "Activate Cleanup"] it's asking me to buy the anti-virus to do the cleanup.



I need to take time to breathe and explain something. Why create viruses? What's the main gain in creating viruses? I mean, if it were an accidental virus, then I'd shut the f*ck up, BUT IT'S ALWAYS A STUPID MUTHERFUCKER THAT CAUSES TROUBLE AND THE COMMON PEOPLE [LIKE ME] HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR STUPIDITY!!!


Why not use your skills to do something productive for once. I don't give a flying f*ck about how you hate Bill Gates and Microsoft and how you love Mac and support Linux and all that bullsh*t. People got bills to pay and I know what you're gonna say, "but you can go to your local bank and do your transaction there". YEAH, I can do that, but handicap people can't (not all of them, but some), and old people can't (not all, but some as well). And it's not only bills, there are also other activities peeps would like to do, but there's always a punk-ass with a damn virus in the f*cking to disturb the peace.


By the way, the problem (my problem) isn't resolved yet, so if anyone throughout the internet has a solution, please leave a post (trust me, I've tried everything... even went to but with no success).



Thursday, 10 January 2008

Again With the Comics: Batman by Dostoyevsky

I'm hooked! I went to this blog called Again With the Comics, and it brought me back to the time when I used to collect comic books as a hobby. I was always at 1,000,000 comix and I wanted to make sure that my comics were in top shape also when I'd buy them.

Sometimes I would also buy an edition of Wizard with my comics, just to see the value of old and new comic books. That's the first I thought about when I went to the blog. You should check it out:

Again With the Comics: Batman by Dostoyevsky

Sunday, 6 January 2008

In the club

Yesterday night was like every other night, except that this night had an extra activity in it. Lemme explain.

We [some homies and I] were planning to go chill at one of d-town popular bar, known as Saint-Sulpice, because it was the b-day of one of my friend's girlfriend.

So we prepped ourselves up for the night (buzz, drinks, the whole shabang) then were off to the club.

It not so much like a club, but more like a pub with around 5 floors. We were on the top floor.

So we partied like there weren't no tomorrow. Then some other friends came along to join us to the party, and before they even get theirselves some drinks, there are 4 or 5 punks coming out of nowhere starting ruckus.

I'm more of a diplomate than violent guy, so I told them other fools to back off 'cause we didn't want any trouble.

Before you know it, fists are flying everywhere.

Funny thing though is that the guys who started the ruckus were the ones getting beat the f**k up. So they retreated for awhile.

While the bouncers were trying to separate them, one of the assaillants said that he was packed (like he has a glock), so I told my friends to stay on point, to make sure that no one gets really hurt.

But I notice that some of the guys are missing. So I went downstairs to see what's happening, and that's where I see them same fools trying to start ruckus again.

I don't know for whatever reasons, I looked deep into the eyes of one of the party crashers, just to see if he was gonna pull a gat for real. As I was suspecting... the guy was full of bullsh*t... he didn't had sh*t on him, aside from a big mouth.

As usual... 5-0's came in late... everybody was already gone.

What did piss me off though was the fact that them party crashers were kids only... trying to prove themselves in front of guys who already proved themselves a very longtime ago.

That's what I'm saying when kids try to affiliate themselves with gang mentality... they go wild for no f*cking reasons.

Thursday, 3 January 2008


I hate it when I'm not control of my own self. It makes me feel weak. It makes me look bad in front of my homies. Yeah! I know I'm not here to please my homies but only myself, but when you get that feeling that everybody is watching your insides because you've revealed'em [your insides] to them [your homies], then you know that there's absolutely something wrong going on.

There's this girl I really do like, but she doesn't seem to show the same type of interest, so told exactly what was on my mind. but most of what I've said to her was indirectly inspired by my homies. And I remember once, this happened with another girlfriend of mine, and the girl straight told me that if I'm living for my homies, then I'll be lost for good.

I guess I didn't understand what she was talking about until yesterday night.

But the real problem is that I do not have any type of self-control over myself. I don't seem to think straight. Lately, I was having difficulties focusing, part because of smoking weed and drinking alcohol.

When I'm not smoking or drinking, I feel depressed for at least a week or two, but then after, I returned to the same cycle.

So yesterday night, I took a drastic decision, and I hope I'll be able to keep it up, for myself... but also for my future.


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Not so Happy New Year - 2008

2007 was gone and I had hoped that 2008 would bring me happiness, but instead, it brought me more pain than anything else.

Nobody died, fortunately... but I wish that was dead on the 1st of January 2008. And you know that most guys problems are always chick-related.

I've had a post not so long ago where I was saying that when a young woman invites a man for a sleep-over at her crib, in the guy's mind, it's most definately for sex. Well this time, if the guy invites you [the girl] to a major event and you [the girl] let yourself being groped and you [the girl] are grinding on the guy like there's no tomorrow... don't go say to the guy that you:

1. just want to be friends;

2. that you don't wanna fuck (especially if everyone knows that you're horny).

The result will be that the guy will leave you. And if this happens, don't call him back... he won't answer you.

With girl, I DO NOT CUT CORNERS!! Whether you want love, sex or friendship, just say so before doing your grinding.

And so just to clear on the friendship part, if you [the girl] just wanna be friends, well too fucking bad, I already got friends. I don't need more friends. My life is not a fucking "Friends" sitcom. Whether you want love or sex, or just get the fuck out of my face before I start blasting your fucking ass.


PS: This goes to all the women throughout this fucking planet, god damn it!!!