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Sunday, 6 January 2008

In the club

Yesterday night was like every other night, except that this night had an extra activity in it. Lemme explain.

We [some homies and I] were planning to go chill at one of d-town popular bar, known as Saint-Sulpice, because it was the b-day of one of my friend's girlfriend.

So we prepped ourselves up for the night (buzz, drinks, the whole shabang) then were off to the club.

It not so much like a club, but more like a pub with around 5 floors. We were on the top floor.

So we partied like there weren't no tomorrow. Then some other friends came along to join us to the party, and before they even get theirselves some drinks, there are 4 or 5 punks coming out of nowhere starting ruckus.

I'm more of a diplomate than violent guy, so I told them other fools to back off 'cause we didn't want any trouble.

Before you know it, fists are flying everywhere.

Funny thing though is that the guys who started the ruckus were the ones getting beat the f**k up. So they retreated for awhile.

While the bouncers were trying to separate them, one of the assaillants said that he was packed (like he has a glock), so I told my friends to stay on point, to make sure that no one gets really hurt.

But I notice that some of the guys are missing. So I went downstairs to see what's happening, and that's where I see them same fools trying to start ruckus again.

I don't know for whatever reasons, I looked deep into the eyes of one of the party crashers, just to see if he was gonna pull a gat for real. As I was suspecting... the guy was full of bullsh*t... he didn't had sh*t on him, aside from a big mouth.

As usual... 5-0's came in late... everybody was already gone.

What did piss me off though was the fact that them party crashers were kids only... trying to prove themselves in front of guys who already proved themselves a very longtime ago.

That's what I'm saying when kids try to affiliate themselves with gang mentality... they go wild for no f*cking reasons.

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