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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Not so Happy New Year - 2008

2007 was gone and I had hoped that 2008 would bring me happiness, but instead, it brought me more pain than anything else.

Nobody died, fortunately... but I wish that was dead on the 1st of January 2008. And you know that most guys problems are always chick-related.

I've had a post not so long ago where I was saying that when a young woman invites a man for a sleep-over at her crib, in the guy's mind, it's most definately for sex. Well this time, if the guy invites you [the girl] to a major event and you [the girl] let yourself being groped and you [the girl] are grinding on the guy like there's no tomorrow... don't go say to the guy that you:

1. just want to be friends;

2. that you don't wanna fuck (especially if everyone knows that you're horny).

The result will be that the guy will leave you. And if this happens, don't call him back... he won't answer you.

With girl, I DO NOT CUT CORNERS!! Whether you want love, sex or friendship, just say so before doing your grinding.

And so just to clear on the friendship part, if you [the girl] just wanna be friends, well too fucking bad, I already got friends. I don't need more friends. My life is not a fucking "Friends" sitcom. Whether you want love or sex, or just get the fuck out of my face before I start blasting your fucking ass.


PS: This goes to all the women throughout this fucking planet, god damn it!!!

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