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Monday, 24 March 2008

Dragonball... the movie?

This morning, I had this strange image that was disturbing my mind for quite a moment. I started to daydream about what would happen if there would be a Dragonball movie... with real-life characters. I was imagining that Goku would be played by [eventually] Jackie Chan and that Vegeta would be played by [eventually] Jet Li. This daydream amused me for a while until I decided to go on the Internet Movie Database to check out if there would ever be such a movie in the new future.

And guess what? There is gonna be a Dragonball in the near future (more precisely in 2009).

I was like "Whoa... this ain't for real!!". I was happy for a moment... because Goku is not gonna be played by a young asian actor... but instead by young american actor, Justin Chatwin. Way to go Hollywood. :(

Well since the release date is gonna be for the 3rd of april 2009, and since the movie is still in production, nothing is confirmed yet. We'll have to wait and see.


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