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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Google Chrome... ain't no joke

Yeah ok! I gotta admit that there are a good-looking web browser out in the Internet market, but none of them has slick designs like those of Google Chrome.

The look is so sexy, it feels as if it is part of your desktop's background. Not only the design is beautiful, the browser in itself is magnificient. It opens in a few seconds, as opposed to its nearly obsolete opponents, Mozilla Firefox and Micro$oft Internet Explorer.

When you go to the Tools (the small navy blue wrench on the upper-right corner), you can customize Google Chrome to your liking. One thing I suggest is to enable the "Home" option in order to have a small icon that looks like... well... a home (or a house). You'll get something like this:

It's like a desktop within a desktop. And all of your favorite pages are there just a few clicks away.

You can also drag and drop Google Chrome's tabs on your desktop's toolbar and it creates another browser. That's deep!

All in all, it's easy for the eyes, quick and uses less memory than Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Although it is still in its beta stage, it works like a charm. Try it for yourself!

BTW... it would be useful if they could incorporate the McAfee SiteAdvisor onto this state of the art browser. :)

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