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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Law Giver Part 1 - If you ain't God, you can judge NO ONE

I've seen and heard people criticize others for whatever reasons they had to criticize them. Back in the days, I used to do that too. But after watching the 1999 blockbuster by the Wachowski Brothers The Matrix(which btw was originally written by a black woman whose name is Sofia Stewart), I came to understand what was the meaning of the sign post that was on top of the Oracle's kitchen door, where you could read (translated from greek) "Know thyself".

Lemme explain.

One can only know what is within the boundaries of the self... but can never know others (no matter what them cold readers be saying). Once he/she knows who he/she is, then he/she will automatically stop criticizing others, because he/she will know that he/she is the same as others, only to a certain degree.

One who judges someone else cannot fully acknowledge him/herself, so he/she will try to find him/herself within others, and if he/she doesn't, he/she will come to be dissatisfied with him/herself... as well as others.

How do i know this? Like I said previously, I used to be like this, and if I didn't knew myself well enough as I know myself now, then I wouldn't be sitting here in front of a PC writing all this for all to know because this would litteraly be gibberish to others.

Think about it! When you come to love someone, it is because you've come to love yourself. If you say that you love someone else but you do not love yourself, then you are lying to yourself. Therefore, everything that will come out of your mouth will most definitely be a lie.

Remember... Only the One who created you can and will judge you. We, as humans, do not have this authority, for if one assumes such authority, then he/she is claiming to be GOD. Understand... you are children of God living within the Living God... but you are not God. Your titles are Men, Women, Children... Sun, Moon and Stars.. Products of the One. One who assumes the position of God is a challenger of God, therefore, like Lucifer was (and probably still is) a challenger of God, those who challenge God will know no end to their suffering.

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