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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Only the ignorant believe racial issues are about skin color (Reply to the Hal Turner Show)

I was just on my way to say hi to my peeps on facebook when I stumbled upon an article on the blog of Hal Turner, called the Hal Turner Show Blogspot. What I read shocked me to the point that I had to reply to it. You'll find excerpts of quotes describing what he thinks about the races, and my answers to them all. Enjoy!

"Different races of people, like different breeds of dogs, not only look different, they come with different levels of intelligence and different behavioral characteristics. These are facts. Irrefutable facts."

- Hal Turner

It's like listening to Anakin Skywalker say that he has ABSOLUTE power. You cannot say that these are irrefutable facts. They are facts, indeed... but not irrefutable facts.

We, primarily before being races, are a KIND. ManKIND that is. Human beings to be more exact. Pay a close attention to the part where I say "beings". True it is that their are different levels of culture, but staying in the same culture keeps you close-minded. The Earth is our true home, our shelter, our resting place. Being in different places can and will open your mind on different perspectives of life, whether they're positive or negative.

White people believe that they have dominion over this small planet, and so they fail to see or realise their own faults when one does happen to have some. And so you cannot expect another group of people (or race since you like to see division in your own mind) from another country to adopt exactly your way of living. Some of them will snap.

Do remember my dear friend; the ones you brought to your lives, they didn't choose to follow your ancestors. They were simply snatch from one part of the world to another to do your bidding. And so now that everything has been set in motion by your own ancestors, you are complaining about the way they [the other races] are treating you? I mean wake up and smell the coffee. Karma's a bitch. It's all causes and effects. If you can't face the proper Truth, that is you captured, you kill, you lynch, that you constently have negative thoughts in your mind, mostly because of fear and also because of fear you try to control the world, then the best thing you should probably do is shut the fuck up.

"Let's move beyond the simple to the more relevant. In school tests from grammar school, to middle school, to high school, to college, who consistently scores the lowest?

Do the tests see the color of the person taking them and somehow magically change the questions? No. Certain races consistently score well, while other races consistently score low."

- Hal Turner

YOU believe that the middle class and the lower class score the lowest. Truth be told, when there's hatred for a culture that is different from yours, you will go to great and even greater lenghts to dumb down these people so that you can glorify your mighty selves. That is Pride 101. Pride is a sin. You're a sinner. But who am I to judge you? You "love" your people to the point that you'd have a military force to eradicate the rest of the world, whom by the way are the true originators of your own education. Am I striking a cord right now.

Stop treating the world as ignorant. Just step down your high seat, and see what YOU have done to this world for the past four to five hundreds of years.

"Where on the continent of Africa have major, advanced civilizations ever existed? Outside of Apartheid-controlled South Africa, only white-influenced Egypt can boast of any kind of advanced civilization. The entire rest of the continent of Africa is still pretty much in the dark ages."

- Hal Turner

Man... and to say that you believe that you are educated. You're losing yourself son. You're like Two-Face in Batman, flipping a coin with two exact faces, trying to come up with bullshit that'll put you as master of the universe. "Oh yeah! We got the greater civilisation!". Oh Yeah! You and your ancestors are fucking up nature big time with your super technologies. More cars and skyscrapers and more viruses then ever, more sicknesses, and you you're on your material stuff. Genius! Was it your intelligent side speaking or your Prideful side. Yeah, I'm pretty sure your proud of your ancestors now.

"For years, I have been attacked, ridiculed, besmirched and demonized for seeing the truth and speaking the truth."

- Hal Turner

Truth be told... it is not The Truth! It is however one extreme of The Truth that I can surely say that it is A truth... but not The Truth. You probably already know... if not... here's Truth 101: Truth, by nature will always be Truth, but in degree, there's truth... and there are lies. and so you my friend, without having the right info, are spreading lies.

Check it. I'll give you a wager! Go to a black neighborhood (in the hope that they don't kill you first the moment you stepped in their hoods), and get to learn something from them, from what they endure everyday to be accepted as a people, from the struggle they have to endure everyday in order to eat, drink, sleep and so on. Go to their school and see how their teachers are treating them. Stop promoting your pro-white KKK movement, 'cause it's because of you that we have pro-black movement.. not the other way around.

Retrospect on your life son. Realise that on this Earth... we are all the same, no matter the color, culture or religion. If you ain't helping, you're bullshitting.

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