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Friday, 19 December 2008

Onyx God's Page on Facebook

I open a new page on facebook for you to go check it out. If you love hip hop and you're in need of instrumentals, then you should seriously consider clicking on the picture above. As you do this, you'll eventually end up in my page and from there, just add yourself as a fan. When you do, you'll have exclusive music from yours truly, J.A.C. Da Rippa aka Onyx God. Enjoy the tour!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Big O - Street life

Big-O representing that Greenland to the fullest! RDP son! Can you Dig it?

Friday, 12 December 2008

Meiko Kaji - Urami bushi

A great pick by Quentin Tarantino for his fifth movie (actually fourth if you combine both volumes into one) Kill Bill vol. 2. This is the last song your hear at the end of the movie, during the credits.

Performed by Meiko Kaji, here's Urami Bushi

Thursday, 11 December 2008

You Never Know - Immortal Technique (Dir. Al Mukadam)

independent film based on the hip hop song 'You Never Know' by Immortal Technique featuring Jean Grae. Directed by Al Mukadam.

- bamnfilms

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Jizz in My Pants [HD]

This vid got me on the floor laughing like there weren't any tomorrows no more! lmao! :D

Check it out! It's Viral!

Mario: Game Over

This is a very pissed off Mario! lmao

Beatboxing Flute - Super Mario Brothers Theme

I can beatbox, but not as well as he does... and he does it with a flute! :O

Wish I knew his name though... he could show me some tricks of the trade! :)

Onyx God Beatboxing

Yeah! Sometime's you have to show your skills, whether you're good or the best (I believe nobody's bad in this world... only bad people see bad things), so this is me in my prime (nah... I can do better than that :P).

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Image Hosted by

If you click on this picture, you'll end up on, a place where you can modify your pictures to make them look sorta "professional", so to speak! Go check it out!

Metallica - One (Piano)

Some small mistakes in it still the track feels like the original one (no puns intended). Very Nice!

Metallica - One

Joe: When it comes my turn, will you want me to go?
Father: For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son.

- Johnny Got His Gun (1971)

Best Heavy Metal Track (IMO)

Leon Haywood - I Wanna Do Something Freaky Tonight

Best Sample Used by Dr. Dre

T.I.- Whatever You Like SPOOF! (OBAMA- Whatever I Like)

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off 4 Real! lol

Dead Prez - Politrikkks

Stumbled upon this video... automatically fell in love with the track! Probably the best of Dead Prez!

Immortal Technique - Fourth Branch/4th Branch

I'm not one to tell you to open your eyes and believe, but you can at least watch, listen and also understand.

This video does all that!

We are humans! We shouldn't destroy one and other, but instead love one and other.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Black Hole

Very nice vid about this guy who accidently creates a black home from his work place! Go check it out!