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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

One life to live...

Before my chest pains this last monday night (april 23rd, 2009), I didn't give a flying fuck about anything. I would drink, smoke (cigs and blunts), lazy out. Luckily, I wouldn't dare fucking a girl without a condom, that would've been plain dumb. Still, before my chest pains, I was a dumbass.

During my chest pains... I felt myself tremble, shiver and vibrate furiously. I couldn't breathe properly... I felt myself disappearing from this world. But deep inside... I didn't want to go. Not now! Because I've got one life to live.

These chest pains were but a warning... to let me know that whatever I do, if I do it to hurt purposely my body, there will be consequences. Therefore... I decided to stop all that, to stop putting junks in my body... in the hope that I'll remain longer on this Earth... longer to know why I was put here in the first place.

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