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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

You can now find me on


Yup! You heard me right! Now you can find me on! Now… what is It is mostly a website to get to know people, to chill, to have fun, like many other networking or dating websites. Only difference on is that all interactions are done in 3D.

On, you have an Avatar that represents you. You may customize it so that it can look exactly like you… or can be even more than what you can think of.Snap_89436297149dc349442e26

What makes so unique from all other websites is the feeling that you’re living a life in The Matrix. The interaction is so live that it can easily be addictive… just like Facebook. What’s very nice also is that you can connect with people incredibly fast. Most of the time, you can have a virtual booty call (lol), or even have an virtual relationship. And who knows where this relationship can lead to? ;)Snap_114564682149d6f58f77cbe

So far, it’s the best place I’ve been, and the purposes there are unlimited. Try it!

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