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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

And another beat soon coming up

Yup! It's been awhile now since I made an instrumental, and now I'm at it again! It's gonna be up very soon and goona be called "West Coast Vibe, the 5th one". It has a vibe where Ballin' meets Dr. Dre! Started it yesterday night, and I'm finishing it as we speak! Just some minor tweaks here and there, and it'll soon be up on my Reverbnation profile!

Also, I won another yet again at Rocbattle[dot]com (THAT'S THAT SH*T!!!)! I won't lie, my opponent's beat was tight... but seems like mine was tighter! :)

You can get a taste of it there:

I'll keep you all posted when the next beat's gonna be over! Until then, Peace!

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