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Saturday, 29 August 2009

What is perfection? Is anyone close to it? Since defects are natural, they should be considered perfections, too. How can we make our defects into perfections?

Perfection means something is complete, like yin and yang, and does not have poisonous elements. It is not obscured by poisonous fog. Perfection is neither good nor bad. It is a natural frequency.

All people have defects, but saints and sages can accept their defects. Most people dwell on their own defects. If people had a positive viewpoint like saints and sages do, then they would see perfection around them, too. Instead, most people like to think of things as “wrong” or “ a problem”, which means they are using their human mind or mind of perception.

Defects are yin and have power. To avoid seeing the defects in other people, we need to practice a lot so we do not have time to see them.

Our mind has an appetite. Love problems are problems of the mind, but not part of our practice to discipline our mind. We want to practice so our frequency is smooth. Most types of love are just an emotional movement. Using this sort of practice it is difficult to improve your elements.


Monday, 24 August 2009

Nah man!!

Call me a sore loser... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!

There's this beat I made I personally thought was the shit! Posted on for a battle contest against another prod. T'was gonna be an easy win. I mean... ON THE REAL!! I came home to see the result, just a few moments ago, and what I see...? The other dude won!

No doubt... his beat's tight! But honestly... I should won this one! I'm not one to brag about my beats, and I'm not one to start a beef over one of my beats. But the results on this one was fucked up! The fuck's this shit?

One reply I received for my beat was this:

Welcome back Onyxgod777, I will be sending you a battle challenge soon, Just to test your new skills...haha...This one was tough, both arrangements are good. I went with who I thought had the best mix...and that was onyxgod777. The vocal stood out just a little to much in the mix, otherwise good job. Mad, I think the drums need some work and maybe raise the level in the mix a little more...good arrangement though. GL to both
Voted: onyxgod777: 7 / Mad Ada: 6
Posted By: DJ Rick Reed - 2009-08-21

Aiyyo!! I don't live on bullshit! True, when I was in the competition, The Art Of Producing, here in Montreal, I was disappointed that I lost, but it gave me a new spark to improve myself, and I believe that I can improve myself further more. And I don't wanna bash the other producer for what he did. But yo... I AIN'T NEVER GONNA ACCEPT FAKE VOTES! Truth be told... ya hear me!

Aiyyo! :D Nah on the real... it's good that I lost this one! It'll give me a new spark to break the nigga apart with something that's beyond tight! Fuck that shit! Rippa, DA ONYX GOD, ain't gonna stop doing what he does best! Best buhlieve dat on da real! BGP 4EVER MY NIGGA!!!


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Earth... My Home!!

Earth is my home, and the home of my brothers and sisters. They, my brothers and sisters have different skin tone, they are of different cultures, and like within every family structures, they have agreements and disagreements. Mostly disagreements! They'll disagree most of the time about how different they are, but they are blinded by the illusion that they are different. Truth is... they aren't that much different. They have eyes, ears, heads, mouths, hands, feet, bodies, they breathe, they bleed, they breed, laugh and cry just like I do and so much more... still they believe that they are different. Thing is... they aren't! Maybe on the outside they are different... but not within!

What the eyes see... it is only in the surface that they see it! They, my brothers and my sisters, as well as myself, do not see what is within. Therefore, we do not see how similar we are... from within!

Instead, we are relying on what we see, for it is "true" to us. Still, if no one had told you that what you see reality, how would you know that what you see is real and not an illusion?

Therefore, there are some -brothers and sisters- within this humongous family who'd go to extreme extents to make you believe that what you see -with your own eyes- is the real deal. That what you see -with your own eyes- is the LIFE you're supposed to live.

Still, there is a third eye, so ever present, which is the Ultimate Eye, and which is NOT physical. It is, however, sensical, logical, emotional! It will see things that the physical eyes would not normally see, such as feelings. Feelings of love as much as feelings of hatred... feelings which cannot normally be named. This is the Eye of the Mind, the one eye which is the connection between my brothers and sisters within the Terrestrial Family. This is the Eye of Life... the one eye which cannot be named. Some call it life, some call it love, some call it God. But an actual fact is... no one truly knows who or what it is. Still... we know that it keeps us alive.

So... there is an Energy, Invisible, which connects us all and which is true for if it weren't, then we surely wouldn't exist. But we do exist! And all my brothers and sisters have this same RAW energy, and what makes us different is that we refine this energy with family values, cultures, education and religions, thining this energy, some much that, in a way, it divides us. So much that in a way... it kills us.

It is like we all live within this universal ocean, and that each human is a bottle of water. Because the body -the bottle- which surrounds the content -the water- is material, in a way, it is not connected with the primal energy -the universal ocean- which is the source energy of the content -the water-, therefore it -the bottle of water- is "separated" from the primal energy. But... this is not true, since if we were separated from this primal energy, there'd be no chance for us all to be alive at all... in the material world that is! We'd still exist within the primal energy because we are part of this primal energy. To understand this is to pour the water from the bottle and see it connect with the universal ocean -the primal energy-.

Therefore, what is already part of this universal ocean exists within the universal ocean since the very beginning of time, if ever there's such a thing as a beginning of time, so any potential humans would still exist within an invisible lifestream which existed and will still exist forever, which is before life and after death.

But to make my brothers and sisters understand this is like asking a rich man to abandon his riches, which is nearly impossible since they and I live in the material, tangible world. In fact, there are no true way to understand this. Still, one can feel it. It -the primal energy- surrounds us and caresses us, it penetrates us for it is life-giving.

For a brother or a sister to take one of his/her own -brother's/sister's- life is equivalent to slowly killing the only one source which gives them life. Therefore, if you kill a brother or a sister, you are actually slowly killing yourself. For one to preserve life is for another to live forever... that is, to live forever through the next generations to come.

Still more to come...!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Goodbye Outlaw

Two days ago, I was chilling in my hood with my homies, and I didn't expect that on the day after, I'd have to say goodbye to one of them.

It's a shocker when one day, you'd be talking, blazin, spitting knowledge, chilling normally like we know we can and then suddenly the day after, you have to say goodbye to one of your own.

The BGP has been torned apart yesterday when we got the news that one of our own died. The circumstances are still shady as to what truly happened. Many heard many shit, but only a few (close ones) knows the truth about what truly happen. Still, at the end, we had to say goodbye to the homie.

I barely had the chance to know him! He was always around, and the only moment we truly had the chance to speak to one another... on the day after... he just vanished from the face of this earth.

And what he told me, I will cherish, and I will practice... on the real... because not only what he said felt true... IT WAS TRUE!!

R.I.P. Outlaw! The BGP will truly miss you bro!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Duffle Bag Boy parody (Ruffle Bag boy)

You know you be suffering in the hood and you need to eat something to fill your stomach. If you got nuff energy... try to sing that song as a reminder. lol

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Know Thyself Before Getting To Know Others

"You see the sliver in your friend's eye, but you don't see the timber in your own
eye. When you take the timber out of your own eye, then you will see well enough to remove the
sliver from your friend's eye."

- Jesus Christ, The Gospel Of Thomas, From The Nag Hammadi Library

Tuesday, 4 August 2009



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