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Monday, 17 August 2009

Goodbye Outlaw

Two days ago, I was chilling in my hood with my homies, and I didn't expect that on the day after, I'd have to say goodbye to one of them.

It's a shocker when one day, you'd be talking, blazin, spitting knowledge, chilling normally like we know we can and then suddenly the day after, you have to say goodbye to one of your own.

The BGP has been torned apart yesterday when we got the news that one of our own died. The circumstances are still shady as to what truly happened. Many heard many shit, but only a few (close ones) knows the truth about what truly happen. Still, at the end, we had to say goodbye to the homie.

I barely had the chance to know him! He was always around, and the only moment we truly had the chance to speak to one another... on the day after... he just vanished from the face of this earth.

And what he told me, I will cherish, and I will practice... on the real... because not only what he said felt true... IT WAS TRUE!!

R.I.P. Outlaw! The BGP will truly miss you bro!