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Monday, 24 August 2009

Nah man!!

Call me a sore loser... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!

There's this beat I made I personally thought was the shit! Posted on for a battle contest against another prod. T'was gonna be an easy win. I mean... ON THE REAL!! I came home to see the result, just a few moments ago, and what I see...? The other dude won!

No doubt... his beat's tight! But honestly... I should won this one! I'm not one to brag about my beats, and I'm not one to start a beef over one of my beats. But the results on this one was fucked up! The fuck's this shit?

One reply I received for my beat was this:

Welcome back Onyxgod777, I will be sending you a battle challenge soon, Just to test your new skills...haha...This one was tough, both arrangements are good. I went with who I thought had the best mix...and that was onyxgod777. The vocal stood out just a little to much in the mix, otherwise good job. Mad, I think the drums need some work and maybe raise the level in the mix a little more...good arrangement though. GL to both
Voted: onyxgod777: 7 / Mad Ada: 6
Posted By: DJ Rick Reed - 2009-08-21

Aiyyo!! I don't live on bullshit! True, when I was in the competition, The Art Of Producing, here in Montreal, I was disappointed that I lost, but it gave me a new spark to improve myself, and I believe that I can improve myself further more. And I don't wanna bash the other producer for what he did. But yo... I AIN'T NEVER GONNA ACCEPT FAKE VOTES! Truth be told... ya hear me!

Aiyyo! :D Nah on the real... it's good that I lost this one! It'll give me a new spark to break the nigga apart with something that's beyond tight! Fuck that shit! Rippa, DA ONYX GOD, ain't gonna stop doing what he does best! Best buhlieve dat on da real! BGP 4EVER MY NIGGA!!!