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Friday, 11 December 2009

Keep On Moving

Dragon Necklace For those surprised by the weather… don’t be! We’re still in fall (or autumn… however you wanna put it) and time’s getting harder by the second!

I got some of my homies struggling to get what they need to survive, but needless to say that it ain’t easy! Even I’m struggling, but yo… life goes on! You can’t scream or shout or yell or cry on it, but instead, take responsibilities for whatever you decide to do in order for you to have a better future! Ya dig?!

Yup! Today’s the 11th of december! Nine or ten more days are left before winter, and ten more before the end of this year. We’ll pass the through threshold of 2010, hopefully with life and health.

2010 is coming! New headz are coming! Trust on that!! Starting with my niggaz from TOWERZ, a formation composed of Don Ibson and Jean Ferré! They got them hot tracks coming up! Check’em out!

Aiyyo, I’m out for now! Still reflecting on how the day is going to be! Until then, Peace!