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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Minor Incarcerated For Making "F" On Report Card

Secret recording of Barry with Utah Juvenile Probation Officer.

An 18-year-old young man, Tanner Passarella, and his father,
Fred, now needs your help. While attending high school in Utah, Tanner made an
"f" on his report card and was sentenced to criminal juvenile probation.
Tanner then tested positive for synthetic pot, Spice, so the judge removed Tanner
from the custody of his father and placed him in foster care. When Tanner began
receiving threats from the gang-type foster kids, he ran away to be
with his father. Hearing of this, the judge incarcerated Tanner where he remains
injured and against his will at the juvenile detention center.

At the time Tanner made the "f" on his report card, he was considered a
super senior with college credits for diesel mechanics. Tanner was employed by a
major company making $20 per hour to help support his disabled father, Fred.
Because of his current incarceration (his is now 18 years old and graduated from
high school) Tanner is unable to work even though the owner of the company has
provided a letter to the judge stating Tanner was one of the best employees he has
ever had and he has a job waiting for him upon his release. Fred has spent all of
his retirement on failed lawyers and trips trying to free his son. Tanner's
mother, a former mine inspector died from complications from PTSD when Tanner was 10years old.

You heard correctly, Tanner was never caught with anything illegal, has no criminal
record and was removed from his home and sentenced to juvenile detention for making
an "f" and peeing dirty for Spice.

At first, I couldn't believe such madness was taking place so I began
investigating and secretly recorded this phone conversation between Tanner's
juvenile probation officer and myself. I tricked the probation officer and claimed
to be a concerned parent and after being asked several times, I assured him he was
not being recorded. In the recording, the probation officer admits to the madness
and advised if my son were in this situation, he would fight like hell. The
probation officer then shows concerns about the judge discovering he admitted to

Last week, renowned reporter, Stephen Webster, with uncovered a story of this same judge physically slapping a 16 year old across the face and in a separate
case, ordering a 12 year old girl to be strip-searched and forcing the mother to cut
off her ponytail in court. Fox news reported the story last night after
RawStory's release. See the story here:

Upon hearing of Tanner's case, Utah State Representative, Kristeen Watkins,
went before the judge demanding Tanner's The judge instructed her
that nobody was going to tell him what to do. State Representative Watkins then
visited Tanner at the detention center. She is a very compassionate woman and is a
good example of how our politicians should respond to such injustices.

Tanner is currently incarcerated at the Odyssey House in Salt Lake City Utah and
still suffers from a broken ankle and wrist that the Odyssey House is refusing to
treat. Tanner suffered the injuries in a car accident and obtained a prescription
to have the injuries X-rayed but until last week, he was left unattended. The
juvenile system finally X-rayed his injuries and confirmed his ankle and wrist are
indeed broken. However, he still has not received medical care for these injuries.

It is our goal and now your goal to demand Tanner's release and allow him to
use his hard earned education to return to his $20/hour job and help support his
disabled father.

This can be accomplished by making a few phone calls like you did for my family and I.
Please call the following and demand Tanner's release. Be polite but bold as
if this were your child injured and incarcerated.

Scott Larson/Juvenile Probation officer with Juvenile Detention whose voice is in the video:

Office: 435 636 4723
Cell: 435 820 6708

Christina Neilson/Director of Adolescent Service/Odyssey House
Office: 801 428 3440
Cell: 801 884 7264

Judge, Scott Johansen/7th District Juvenile/Utah Judicial Conduct Commission
Office: 801 626 3369.

Call and give this lady your support and thank her for being involved:

Kristeen Watkins/Utah State Representative
Office: 435 650 1969

Thanks for your help and consideration in this matter. My efforts have never been a
one man show and have always needed the activism of supporters such as

Email me back after you made the calls and let me know what you told them.

Peace and Love,

Your Servant - Barry Cooper